The preferences are split up into three sections, General Settings, Addon Update Settings, and Debug Options.

General Settings


This section holds the general settings for the addon.

Use Custom Icons

CrowdMaster comes with a custom icon set. This option allows you to choose if you want to use it or use Blender’s built-in icons.


The main simulation tab with Use Custom Icons turned on.


The main simulation tab with Use Custom Icons turned off.

Start Animation Automatically

When this is enabled, running the simulation starts the animation playing. Also, stopping the simulation stops the animation. When the option is disabled, the user has to manually start and stop the animation after hitting the start and stop simulation buttons respectively.

Ask To Save

When this is enabled, if the file that you are working in has not been saved, CrowdMaster will give you a This file must be saved! message when you press the Simulate button.

Use Node Color

If this is enabled, while you are simulating, the nodes will change color to display their output value.

Show Debug Options

This enables a number of debugging features and the simulator and addon updater are set into verbose mode.

Addon Update Settings


This section holds the settings for the addon updater. These are talked about in detail in Updating.

Debug Options

These settings are only for developers. If you do not have Show Debug Options turned on, you will see an warning message and the option to turn Show Debug Options on.


If you enable Show Debug Options, a few tools will become available to you.


Run Short Tests

This tool tests certain parts of the code to quickly check for errors.