This section holds the settings for the addon updater. This module allows the user to install updates for CrowdMaster without leaving Blender.


After installing a new version, you will have to restart Blender for the changes to take effect.

Auto-check for Update

When enabled, CrowdMaster will look for an update based on the interval of time since last update that you have set.

Check now for CrowdMaster update

Pressing the big button will cause the updater to check immediately to see if there is an update available. If so, it will download and install.

Install latest develop / old version

If you find a bug or you want to see the difference between two or more versions, you can use this option to install an earlier version of CrowdMaster.

Restore addon backup

Each time that the updater installs a new version, it backups the version that was previously installed. If you want, you can use this option to reinstall from that backup.