Set Tag


The Set Tag node

Used to set the name and value of a tag. All tags are removed at the beginning of each new frame. If the name of a tag starts with the name of a channel then the name and value of the tag as well as the agent that has the tag can be used by the channel. For example, a tag with the name SoundA and value of 2 will indicate to the sound channel that this agent emits a sound on frequency A with a radius of 2.

Use Threshold

The tag will only be set if the input value to this node exceeds the Threshold value. If not checked, the tag will be set every frame to the value passed to in via the Input.


If the input value does exceed the this value, then the tag receives a value of 1. Otherwise, there will be no tag with that name for that frame.



Create a tag.


Delete a tag set in a previous frame.