The actions panel holds and manages all of the animation actions to be used for each agent.




The name of the action.

Armature Action

An action that is completed on the spot (eg. stadium agent sitting and cheering) or an action where the movement is being controlled with an output node (eg. walking forward at a constant user defined rate).

Motion Action

Should only include location and rotation. Used for selecting an action for the overall movement of the agents.


Groups are used in the action pairs section and the action node. When used in action pairs it behaves if each action had been added manually. When used in the action node one action from the group will be selected. An action can be assigned to multiple groups by entering the group names in the Group field separated by commas.

Action Pairs


Actions pairs are used by the sync manager to synchronize the play back of animations between agents. eg. Attack and defend move or shaking hands.


Actions that can trigger a paired animation.


The action(s) that are valid pairs for the actions defined in the Source field.