The agents panel holds the information about each agent group in the scene.


You can select multiple agent groups at the same time by shift+clicking on each one.

Header Info

Group Name

The name of each agent group.


The total number of agents in the group.


Tells how the agents in the group were generated.


Shows that the agents have been created using the agent generation nodes.


Shows that the agents have been created manually by the user.


Shows if the agent group has been Frozen for editing.

View Group Details


Freeze Placement

Stops these agents from being re-generated.


Manually created groups won’t have this option since they will never be deleted by regenerating.

Freeze Animation

When checked this group won’t have it’s animation changed when the simulation is started. Useful for adding animated objects to the scene that need to interact with the simulation or to freeze a group of agent that you are happy with.


The brain will still be evalued for each of these agents so freezing groups will have little impact on simulation time.

Reset Group

Deletes this group and all of it’s agents.