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Full Crowd Pipleline

CrowdMaster enables you to create, place, simulate, and render a large number of 3D characters in your scene.

Build your characters out of existing assets and intellegently place them around your scene using a variety of placement methods.

Each character can be as complex or simple as you want. Walking, running, driving, and flying are only a few of the things your characters can do with CrowdMaster.


Node-Based and Modular

Due to its fully node-based interface, both simple and complex characters can be built with ease in CrowdMaster.

You will always know the status of your simulation with CrowdMaster. All characters are animated in front of your eyes so you can constantly see the state of things.

CrowdMaster Nodes Interface
Stadium Scene Render

Helper Utilities

The defer geometry tool allows you to simulate characters using a preview object and then generate the full geometry for rendering. In large scenes this can reduce your workflow and simulation times by almost 90%!

CrowdMaster is fully translatable and can be viewed in any language that you choose. It has complete support for English and Spanish translations and other languages can easily be configured.


Who We Are

CrowdMaster is built and maintained by two students in their free time...with some help

Peter Noble Headshot
Peter Noble

Master Neuron Coder - Simulation Developer and Brain Surgeon

John Roper Headshot
John Roper

Master People Person - Project Manager and Generation Developer

Andrew Buttery Headshot
Andrew Buttery

Master Button Pusher - Crash Test User and Scheduling Assistant